Daft lady pinups for your enjoyment @u@

01Mar 14
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Doodled some silly self-indulgent sweater punks and then a bunch of requests!! XD

15Feb 14
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I did a bunch of ghostmau5 drawings in the stream! A continuation of my other set of ghostmau5 and poor harassed Sonny XD

tagged deadmau5 skrillex ghostmau5 AU fanart
15Feb 14
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Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥<3

14Feb 14
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So this was a thing that happened during the stream XD we came up with a wizard of OZ AU and so I drew it and yeah

08Feb 14
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Nyan Punk

08Feb 14
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Joyeux anniversaire, Guy-Manuel! ♥

08Feb 14
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This was an old picture that I colored because I was bored, thought some of you might want to see it finished haha. Basically they stole Thomas and Guy’s clothes and became Thomau5 and Skrillman!

tagged thomau5 skrillman lel deadmau5 skrillex Daft Punk fanart
03Feb 14
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As requested, another super basic Guy-Manuel helmet tutorial to accompany the Thomas one I did the other day. This is just for the side and front views. Again, PLEASE NOTE: This is not an accurate way to draw his helmet, it’s my own way I draw it, so the proportions are not exact! Guy’s helmet is actually harder for me to draw than Thomas’s, as you can see T_T; Maybe in a bit I’ll make more tutorials for different angles of their helmets but this is all for now, have fun~

03Feb 14
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bff told me to post this so I did, sorry

03Feb 14
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