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19Apr 14
☆ 2

Btw, we have a little EDM skype group thing-o if anybody wants to join! Just add me on skype (kinotastic) and let me know :D

18Apr 14
☆ 9

Raijou! My Orc warrior! Watch out or she’ll kick your face in. Thanks everyone who came to the stream! (Sorry I didn’t draw any Daft Punk XD;;)

29Mar 14
☆ 352

Daft lady pinups for your enjoyment @u@

01Mar 14
☆ 1021

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tagged Ramblings
01Mar 14
☆ 15

Doodled some silly self-indulgent sweater punks and then a bunch of requests!! XD

15Feb 14
☆ 744

I did a bunch of ghostmau5 drawings in the stream! A continuation of my other set of ghostmau5 and poor harassed Sonny XD

tagged deadmau5 skrillex ghostmau5 AU fanart
15Feb 14
☆ 442

I don’t mind taking requests if anybody has any cool ideas they’d like to share! :D (I already have a few things I’m working on that people have suggested) so don’t be shy!

15Feb 14
☆ 9

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥<3

14Feb 14
☆ 1386

So this was a thing that happened during the stream XD we came up with a wizard of OZ AU and so I drew it and yeah

08Feb 14
☆ 247